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Page updated - November 1, 2019
 For Available Siamese:  please submit an application.  Thank you for your consideration.  
I have a friend in the Kansas City area that still raises
Colorpoint Shorthairs.  Her website is
www.nianguaview.com if you would like to contact her.
Colorpoint Shorthairs are first cousins to Siamese.
I am accepting applications for a few future cats and kittens that may become available.  If I do not expect any kittens
or cats, I will be glad to pass your application along to other caring CFA exhibitors and breeders of Siamese and
Colorpoint Shorthairs that I have come to know so that you can obtain a new addition to your family as soon as


CH Hotzcats Kilimanjaro
Lilac Point Neuter     Born 8/24/2018

I had gotten Killer to be an outcross stud
for my cattery but then we discovered that
cats are one of the triggers for my
husband's asthma allergies.  So I am in
the process of winding down my cattery.  
Killer is an amazingly friendly boy. He likes
to talk to you also.  He doesn't drink much
water an aquired a UTI but is fine now
after a round of antibiotics.  He will be
required to be fed moist canned cat food
in his new home.
Please submit an application.
Fee of $500 for adoption.