My Queens
Breeding to
a Higher
of Excellence
Page updated - July 14, 2019
GC Nianguaview Lucy Gray of

Blue Point        Born 3/28/2017

Sire: GC Tyjunsee Bently of

Dam: CH Tyjunsee Zelda of
GC Viewpoint Piper Peak
Seal Point        Born 4/24/2017

Sire: GC Tyjunsee Bently of Nianguaview
Dam: GC Viewpoint Luapula-Luvua
Garthowen Miss Kakadu of Viewpoint

Seal Point        Born 1/10/2013

Sire: G
arthowen Teek

Dam: G
arthowen Memphis Belle

Miss Kakadu is an Australian import, to provide a total outcross
and keep the bloodlines healthy.  It is difficult to find outcrosses
within the United States that are not related in some sort of
way in their pedigrees.  It is also difficult to find eight pure
generations of Siamese in the world since many other
registrations in other countries do not uphold to the same
standards of the four point color limitation that CFA requires
CH Viewpoint Harper Yukon

Seal Point        Born 5/6/2016

Sire: C
H Viewpoint MT Olympus

Dam: GC Viewpoint Luapula-Luvua