My Boys
Breeding to
a Higher
of Excellence
Page updated - November 14, 2017
CH Viewpoint Mt Olympus (Ollie)
Seal Point Male born 04-20-2013
Sire: GC Gimsin Lyric of Viewpoint
Dam: CH Viewpoint Nirvana
These are
photos of the
same cat at
different ages.

The top two
photos are Ollie
at about
7 months and
the bottom is
Ollie as a 3
year old adult
Now Showing in Premiership:

CH PR Viewpoint Grand Teton
Sire: CH Viewpoint Mt Olympus
Dam: GC Viewpoint Luapula-Luvua
CH Nepeta Rio Grande of Viewpoint
Seal Point        Born 2/24/2017

Sire: GC Tyjunsee Bently of Nianguaview
Dam: GC N
epeta Moon Dragon