CFA registered Cattery: FeLV and FIV Free
All new cats to my cattery are tested for FeLV and FIV.  My kittens receive two FVRCP vaccinations prior to going to their new homes and a Health
Guarantee against genetic defects with a signed contract.  I give a FVRCP kill vaccine at 8-9 weeks of age. The second vaccine is given when the
kittens are 15 weeks old.  I like to give the modified live vaccine for it since I believe it gives the longest lasting immunization.  The kittens shouldn't
need another FVRCP vaccination for another year old when their immune system is fully developed.  

Occasionally I have retired adult Show/Breeders that are spayed or neutered available to loving homes. I prefer to place locally, or I can meet you
at a show if there is one closer to where you are located.  Otherwise if you will pay for my time and fuel I will try to meet with you at a public location
somewhere between our two locations if it is within 4 hours from my home.

I love all animals and I have had many different kinds of animals ever since I was a kid. We had puppies, pigs, goats, ponies, horses, calves, kittens
and even a skunk.  But I have always considered myself a cat person.  I just loved the purrs and to cuddle with them.  Their antics when they play
are quite entertaining.  I've especially been drawn to the Siamese because they insist on being social and have such mesmerizing blue eyes. If you
are a dog person, then you should be happy to know that many Siamese like to play fetch, sometime even better than dogs.  

Ever since I have had these registered beauties these past 10 years since I have been breeding, I can tell you that they have more personality than
my pets of old.  Not only do they have striking blue eyes and enchanting points that I have always known, they have a higher curiosity and activity
level as well as an intense desire to be close to me.  This is the best part because who doesn't want to loved!  Their Siamese MEEEEEEOOOOW  
lets you know that they should be the only thing in the house that is important.  They speak to you in the different tones and communicate to you if
you know how to listen.

I just love them all and hope that you would like to get to know them and love them also.
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Kittens / Adults - how to obtain

I have so many requests for kittens that I need people to complete an application form so that I will have their information on hand and to be able to
best match up kittens per their requests. I will date these applications as they arrive and notify you when kittens become available per your
requests.  I prefer to notify you via email since I work late some evenings it is easier than catching me by phone.  I also like to know more about the
people that want to adopt my Siamese so please complete the application and email it to me at When I contact you
about an available kitten after their first vaccination, you may then submit your deposit to hold the kitten which could be obtained after the second
SIAMESE APPLICATION FORM (link will open in another tab to print) I breed all four basic CFA recognized colors of seal point, blue
point, chocolate point and occasionally lilac point (examples are pictured below).  If you would like to reserve a kitten or cat, please call or e-mail for
availability and information if you have not already submitted an application before. Please read all information on my website including the sales
contract, and print out the  
DEPOSIT FORM (link will open in another tab to print).

My kittens are ready for their new homes at the age of 16 weeks or older depending on when they weigh at least 2 lb. They will be fully weaned,
socialized, litter trained and vaccinated appropriate for their age. Our kittens are sold with strict altering agreement and with a Health Guarantee
against genetic defects with a signed
CONTRACT (link will open in another tab to print).  i prefer to place locally but I am willing to drive up to 4
hours from my home to shorten your trip to pick up your Siamese.  I charge $0.50 per mile one way to meet you at a public location for the transfer
and to complete the paperwork.  I can meet you at the Kansas City International Airport on the weekends if you are flying since I live about 2 hours
from there.  I do work during the week so nights or weekends are the best time to pick up.

Please contact for available kittens:  660-412-1103  e-mail
Example of Chocolate
Point >

Milk chocolate colored
points, with ivory
bodies and chocolate
brown colored legs,
tail, mask and ears.  
<Example of Blue Point

The blue point has a
bluish - white body with
slate blue / grey points.  
Blue is a dilute of black.
<Example of Seal Point

Points are seal brown
to black and their pale
fawn bodies should be
a contrast.  
Example of Lilac Point >

The lilac point has
pinkish gray points with
a glacial white body
which makes it most
delicate in color. Lilac is
dilute of chocolate.
HOMAGE: to just some of the cats I've LOVED
GC San-Toi's
Causing a Commotion
Lilac Point Siamese
CC is also in the lines of
my cats.  He had
magnificently fine boning
and beautiful almond
shaped brilliant blue
eyes.  Did I mention how I
love the blue eyes?
CH. Garthowen
Chambezi of Viewpoint
Seal Point Siamese
DOB 06/24/2000
DOD 12/01/2012
CFA Reg # 0272-1326898

Chambezi was a
magnificent Australian
import. He was my
foundation sire.  He is
important because he
brought a complete
out-cross bloodline to the
United States.